How Digital Meeting Room Signs Stop Office Madness

Anyone working in an office or large facility – whether that’s a school or a health care facility – has been through the exercise of looking for a free room to sit and discuss a plan or ideas.

They looked into rooms, wondering if they’re booked.

They’ve found rooms, got settled, and then been kicked out when the people who had the room booked turned up.

They’ve lurked just outside meeting rooms, trying to get the people running overtime in the meeting space that’s supposed to now be free.

The whole meeting thing can be a big mess. But digital meeting signs solve that. Networked digital displays at the doorways to meeting and conference rooms can clearly tell people when rooms are booked, who booked those time, when rooms are free, and even what the meeting is about.

The best digital meeting room systems tie into the sorts of room booking tools many workplaces use – like Exchange and Calendar. They allow rooms to be booked from a desktop, and the details shown at the room door. They even let users look for free periods, and book time right off that doorway screen.

There are now more than 20 companies with meeting room solutions, and more to come. Meeting Room Signs is designed to make it easier for companies looking for a solution that would stop their meeting madness. This site presents the options, and users decide who to connect with. This site could sell solutions, but we don’t do that. You’ll get the best price and advice by going direct.