The Gateway Drug Of Digital Signage

Anyone who sells digital signage solutions, or is charged with putting together a digital signage plan for their organization, knows it is not always the easiest sell.

The benefits are definitely there, but they’re often a little soft and elusive. Benefits like raising awareness and enhancing experiences.

Meeting Room Sign systems are a variant of digital signage, and the things pretty much sell themselves. Show this solution to any executive who has been frustrated by the meeting room booking and occupancy experience, and that executive is sold in a heartbeat.

They get it. They love it. They need it NOW!

So how does that make these solutions the gateway drug?

First, they perform, and they show the value of using screens on premise.

Second, with a success story in place, the people who control budgets tend to be much more receptive to ideas and proposals that expand on what’s in place. Like adding directory displays. Digital wayfinding. Corporate communications screens.

For internal champions, the road ahead is paved instead of bumpy.

For the vendor who put the meeting room signs in place, they have a big, good-looking foot in the door with the end-user. It’s human nature that most people are happy to deal with a company they already know, than find yet another supplier to expand the signage footprint.

Meeting Room Signs are the gateway.