SyncDisplay is the e-paper display, also known as the electronic ink display device technologies that mimic the appearance of printed material on paper. SyncDisplay integrates with Google Calendar, G Suites, Office 365, or Exchange. And we also provide the open SDK/API so it's possible to integrate with other systems. The connection via Wireless Mesh Network(WMN), which is more private and consumes much less power.

Product NameSyncDisplay
Product BreadthHardware Only
Supported Booking SystemsMicrosoft Exchange, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Office 365, Google Calendar/Apps, Others
How ManagedBoth
Power Over Ethernet Support No
Touchscreen No
BLE Beacon Integration No
NFC or RFID Integration No
Software As A Service (SaaS)? Optional
Other Digital Signage Capabilitiesreservation´╝îbook a room
Supported DisplaysWireless Mesh Network(WMN)