Smart Touch Signboard

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IAdea's 10.1" Smart Touch Signboard creates smart meeting rooms with on-site and remote booking, availability browser, ID authentication, room status lighting, PoE for 1-wire installation, and flexible mounting options.

Product NameSmart Touch Signboard
Product BreadthHardware and Software
Supported Booking SystemsMicrosoft Exchange, Office 365, Google Calendar, Delphi, G-Suite, Zimbra
How Managedinstalled software, supported booking systems
Power Over Ethernet Support Yes
Touchscreen Yes
BLE Beacon Integration No
NFC or RFID Integration Yes
Software As A Service (SaaS)? Optional
Other Digital Signage Capabilitiesfull digital signage platform, LED lightbar, on-site booking, ID authentications, dynamic wayfinding, schedule overviews
Supported DisplaysConsumer tablets, iPads, Android, digital signages

• Shine You Corporate Colours:  choose from thousands of colours for LED lightbar to customize meeting room status and put your corporate spirit on display.

• Display More, Pay Less: maximize corporate communication by integrating various data sources including meeting room details, schedule overview, corporate messages, and public notifications in a customizable interface

• Save Visitors the Embarrassment of Joining the Wrong Meeting: detailed and easy-to-spot room information allows visitors to efficiently navigate through seas of meeting rooms

• Never Miss An Attendee: ID authentication allows for easier and more efficient room management with a simple tap from a badge

• Book Room Instantly At-The-Door: never have to hassle with your computer or phone again just to book a meeting room! Save precious time by booking the meeting room directly from the panel in-person

• Too Far Away From Your Desk?: browse today’s, tomorrow’s, and next month’s room availability with the user-friendly Smart Touch Signboard

• 1-Wire Installation: Anyone can easily install the device with only one cable in-hand, thanks to the PoE (Power over Ethernet) function, which transmits both power and information.

• Flush mount + VESA mount + Glass mount: Unlike most typical signboards, XDS-1078 is flush mounted and much closer to the wall to deliver a much more visually pleasing and user intuitive industrial design of the system. Glass mount is also available for meeting rooms that come with glass windows, allowing for a perfect balance between technology and aesthetics. IAdea provides step by step mounting guide, as easy as 1, 2, 3.


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