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GoGet’s award-winning range of meeting room display systems set the standard for easy to use room scheduling & help millions of users daily. It integrates seamlessly with Outlook, Exchange, Office 365 & G Suite without extra server software or plugins.

Product NameRoom Display 6, Room Sync, Room Sync Plus LED, Room Finder
Product BreadthProprietary hardware & software
Supported Booking SystemsMicrosoft Outlook, Office 365, Exchange 2007-2016, G Suite
How ManagedInside or outside of firewall, full central administration (secure cloud, hybrid on-prem, on-prem)
Power Over Ethernet Support Yes
Touchscreen Yes
BLE Beacon Integration Yes
NFC or RFID Integration No
Software As A Service (SaaS)? Optional
Other Digital Signage CapabilitiesIntegration with meeting room wayfinder, multi language support
Supported DisplaysProprietary 7 & 11.6 inch turnkey displays or software-only

Easy-to-use meeting room displays

Take control of your meeting room reservations by using your existing calendar systems and improve and streamline your work-flow. Make an impact on employees and visitors with Goget’s sleek touch screens and way-finding solutions installed in your office locations.

All you need in one box

The Room Sync series is GoGets’s range of professional meeting room display systems. Manage room bookings via e.g. Outlook or the sleek touch-screens outside each meeting room, and present a wide range of customized information including availability, organizer, title and upcoming events.

GoGet displays are available in two versions; Room Sync (7”) or Room Sync Plus LED (11.6”) and both come with Room Display 6, central administration and room analytics included.

Easy meeting finding
Enhance and supplement your room display system even further, by adding Room Finder – GoGet’s wayfinding system for meeting rooms. Room Finder is a professional, modern and cost-effective wayfinder solution ideal for offices with multiple meeting rooms. It displays easy-to-read meeting room information and directions for all visitors and meeting attendees on LED-TVs in reception areas, lobbies and other office areas.

Two ways to buy and use Room Display 6
The Room Display 6 software is offered as two options:

  • integrated in GoGet’s ready-to-use Room Sync series,

or bought as license-only so you can configure the software on your own professional Android IPS display tablet.


  • Works with Outlook, Office 365, Exchange 2007-2016, G Suite, Kerio Connect 9.2-
  • Comprehensive room booking feature list
  • No additional server software or plugins are needed
  • Room Sync 7” turnkey unit with Room Display 6
  • Room Sync Plus LED 11.6” with PoE-LAN & LED status lights – turnkey unit with Room Display 6
  • Meeting room wayfinding
  • Room Display – awarded Best New Digital Signage Software Product (InfoComm 2015)


  • New bright & colorful UI design
  • Find, filter & book other rooms, right on the display
  • Show host and attendees
  • Pre-meeting host notifications
  • Scrollable interactive timeline
  • Improved room amenities & seating
  • Screen/touch lock
  • Room analytics
  • Reservation theft protection with one-time PIN
  • Full secure-cloud & hybrid on-prem central admin with health check
  • Optional on-prem central admin
  • Custom background, logo and brand ID colors
  • Integrate meeting room wayfinding
  • License-only option (BYOD)


  • For Android OS versions 4.4-
  • Outlook, local MS Exchange 2007-2016 integration through EWS
  • Outlook, Office 365 integration through EWS, alternatively Office 365 Connect
  • G Suite (formerly Google Apps)
  • Kerio Connect 9.2-

GoGet is a Swedish brand with global market presence. The company’s main office is located in Gothenburg and product assembly in Småland, Sweden. For further information, visit www.gogetcorp.com.



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