SLATE106 is a 6 " extra-thin e-paper screen dedicated to digital signage. It can receive 4-grayscale images via a USB host or an hub (SMH300) with an HTML5 application that can retrieve display information from a corporate directory or from a software that manages meeting rooms resources (MS-Exchange, GSuite, Lotus Domino and more). There is an integrated NFC / MIFARE badge reader. It possesses 3 touch keys (check-in / check-out for example). It is autonomous for more than 3 years with 5 refreshments per day.

Product NameSLATE106
Product BreadthHardware Only
Supported Booking SystemsMicrosoft Exchange, Others
How ManagedInstalled software
Power Over Ethernet Support Yes
Touchscreen Yes
BLE Beacon Integration -
NFC or RFID Integration Yes
Software As A Service (SaaS)? Optional
Other Digital Signage CapabilitiesNA
Supported DisplaysNA