ProDVX Europe BV

The ProDVX APPC-10DSQPL is a perfect display for Room Signage. This 10" Android Display has Power over Ethernet and side LED Color Bars. Those lights indicate, at a glance, if meeting rooms are booked or free. Book meetings on the spot or from Outlook.

Product NameProDVX APPC-10DSQPL
Product BreadthSoftware and Hardware
Supported Booking SystemsMicrosoft Exchange, office 365 and Outlook
How ManagedCloud-based or installed software
Power Over Ethernet Support Yes
Touchscreen Yes
BLE Beacon Integration yes
NFC or RFID Integration Yes
Software As A Service (SaaS)? Optional
Other Digital Signage CapabilitiesIntegrated Android Displays, Integrated Panel PC Displays, Integrated Video/Monitor Displays, Media Players, Android/Intell Box PC, Accessories
Supported DisplaysSizes: 3.5 inch - 32 inch OS: Android / Windows 8, 10 / Linux