Fischer & Kerrn Meeting Room Panel

Fischer & Kerrn's Meeting Room Panel is a sleek, elegant meeting room touchscreen that's powered over ethernet, has built in NFC/RFID card reader and LED lights. Room panels connects to MS Exchange and users can book, extend and end meetings on the spot.

Product NameFischer & Kerrn Meeting Room Panel
Product BreadthSoftware and hardware
Supported Booking SystemsMicrosoft Exchange, Outlook and Office 365
How ManagedInstalled Software
Power Over Ethernet Support Yes
Touchscreen Yes
BLE Beacon Integration No
NFC or RFID Integration Yes
Software As A Service (SaaS)? No
Other Digital Signage CapabilitiesWe also offer digital signage on large monitors that can provide an overview of the daily meeting activity in all the meeting rooms. We can also display meeting information from a floor plan map.
Supported DisplaysAll types of displays and tablets are supported. However we recommend our own Fischer & Kerrn Meeting Room Panel.