Enplug DisplayOS

Enplug lets you show beautiful calendars with Overview and Single-Event Mode along with our other Apps for Displays like live social media and news feeds, metrics dashboards, employee recognition, and announcements. Updates from Google Calendar.

Product NameEnplug DisplayOS
Product BreadthHardware and software
Supported Booking SystemsGoogle Calendar/Apps
How ManagedCloud-based
Power Over Ethernet Support No
Touchscreen No
BLE Beacon Integration No
NFC or RFID Integration No
Software As A Service (SaaS)? Yes
Other Digital Signage CapabilitiesFiltered social media feeds, live news and weather, graphics scheduling, announcements, metrics dashboards, traffic, HTML5 webpage display, and Open App Market.
Supported DisplaysAny HD displays are supported, either Landscape or Portrait. You can also use any Windows 7+ tablet or computer.