Condeco Connect

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Condeco Connect, the sleek meeting room digital signage solution, with cloud-based software connected to Microsoft Outlook and Google calendars, as well mobile app booking functionality, turning your meeting room booking spaces into smart spaces.

Product NameCondeco Connect - Meeting Room Digital Signage
Product BreadthHardware and Software
Supported Booking SystemsMicrosoft Exchange, Condeco Room Booking
How ManagedIntranet, Outlook Plugin or Mobile App
Power Over Ethernet Support Yes
Touchscreen Yes
BLE Beacon Integration -
NFC or RFID Integration Yes
Software As A Service (SaaS)? Yes
Other Digital Signage CapabilitiesFull Portfolio of workspace digital signage including desk screens, desk booking kiosk and wayfinders
Supported Displays-

The advanced Condeco Connect Digital Signage solution is intuitive, smart and offers real-time functionality to find available room space.

  • Meeting Room Digital Signage

Utilised with Condeco Meeting Room Booking solution to display information about room bookings and enable users to book meetings directly outside a room. The digital screen panel displays the meeting title, the host’s name, the start time and duration of the meeting, all in real-time, eliminating meeting conflicts and maximises utilisation. It allows users to see upcoming meetings for the rest of the day and highlights available times.

The screens display the room status using LED indicators (green, amber and red), offering 180° visibility to quickly identify if the room is available, booked or in-use.

Any changes and updates made from the screens are instantly synchronised with Condeco Room Booking Software, ensuring that the rooms are not double booked and that availability is instantly updated if a room is released.

  • No-show management

The screens can be configured to ask the host to start the meeting using the screen, either by entering a PIN or by holding an RFID security pass against it. If no one shows up to confirm the meeting, the room will automatically be released. This enables the room to be booked by other users. Should the room be released due to a no-show, any catering or other services that have been booked can still be charged to the host and separately reported to monitor waste. The meeting host can also be sent an automated email explaining why their room booking was cancelled, to try and discourage repeat behaviour


  • Avoid conflicts

Condeco Connect Digital Signage helps to prevent meeting conflicts by clearly showing the meeting title, who booked the room and the duration of the meeting. This lets users know when they are expected to vacate the rooms and allows the next meeting to start on time. If a meeting is overrunning and another meeting has not been scheduled, users can extend the current meeting directly from the screen.

  • Reporting

Condeco Connect Digital Signage enables you to capture the activity of that space, usage information and no-shows. Thanks to intelligent RFID technology and PIN check-in, reports can be generated to show the true utilisation of the room and over time, enable tracking of trends in order to better understand business needs.

Hosting and information security


Condeco Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model is a ‘private cloud’ hosted solution providing customers with secure, resilient software built on infrastructure that has been designed to perform at optimal levels. The Condeco SaaS model has a lower operational cost than on-premises solution:

  • Both shared and dedicated virtual server environment availability
  • Hosted within a high security data centre
  • Offsite disaster recovery
  • Automatic migration to latest software releases

SaaS makes it easier for you to manage your workplace solutions with:

  • Unlimited user access
  • 24/7 global support
  • Near real-time set-up
  • Managed service, security and compliance
  • Effortless upgrade and migration
  • Cheaper set up and running
  • Workplace digital signage (optional)
  • Swap and replace digital screens (optional)

ISO Certification

To be compliant with this standard means having more than 100 Information Security controls in place and undergoing a peer assessment annually by an external independent organisation.

  • Condeco has up-to-date and effective controls in place to protect Customer Data.
  • Such controls are assessed every year by the BSI.
  • Vulnerability assessments and penetration tests must be performed on an annual basis by an independent organisation. The results also assessed by BSI.
  • A Risk Analysis process is in place and must be reviewed annually.
  • Measurements of efficiency and effectiveness of controls must be in place and reviewed regularly.
  • Training programmes for personnel and suppliers must be in place.

Standard requirements are periodically reviewed and updated accordingly with technological trends.

An end-to-end integrated solution

As a full service company, Condeco is uniquely positioned to provide clients with an end-to-end solution. Put simply, you’re spared the headache of having to manage multiple vendors. Integrated departments encompass R&D and design through to delivery, support and maintenance.

Our solution unifies the management of your workspace, rooms, desks, hospitality and video conferencing across multiple locations globally. Condeco SaaS model provides you with a secure, resilient solution that’s designed to perform at optimal levels no matter the scale and geographic spread of your business.

Condeco’s suite of products is designed to provide seamless integration; each Condeco product is part of a system that comprises of software and hardware solutions that help you power change in the workplace. Condeco technology provides powerful insight to help you better manage your workspace, develop new ways of working and significantly.


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