Custom Display Or Tablet?

Meeting room signs come in a wide variety of types – from consumer tablets mounted in protective enclosures to small, commercial-grade custom displays designed to purpose. A couple of companies even use cool new e-paper or Eink technology.

So what’s the best choice?┬áIt totally depends.

Proprietary displays can come in unique forms and enclosures, and can have nice built-to-purpose features like red and green lights that indicate for people – way down the hallway – if a room is free or not.

But that red and green effect can also be done, somewhat, just in the backgrounds on the screens (though you won’t see that from an angle.

Consumer tablets may cost less initially, but they’ll need to have special enclosures, and that can add a lot of cost.

Eink displays, in particularly, can save a lot on energy consumption as compared to regular LCD-based screens, but they tend to be smaller. And forget about doing anything beyond black on white. At least for now. That said, the black and white e-displays can look amazing when designed well.

Some solutions require users to install specific devices, while other solutions stick to the software and let users select their own endpoints.

Bottom line: Displays are going to be the most visible part of your meeting room solution, but only one part. Before making any decisions, factor in all the other aspects of the solution, and the the requirements and dynamics of the venue. It will be harder to make a bad choice, but you want to make the optimal choice.