Availability Is Just The Start


Most meeting room display systems can do the basics of telling people whether a room is free or not, and who booked it. Many allow users to book that room, on the spot, from the touchscreen or using a phone app.

But room availability is just the start with some systems.

Here’s a couple of smart capabilities being offered by some vendors, that really amplify the utility of these systems.

Equipment – Suppose the room you’re looking at, to grab for a meeting, doesn’t quite fit the need, because you need a projector and screen. Some systems let users do a look-up, right at the doorway, of other rooms that are available that also have the necessary gear. Then they can get booked on the spot.

People – You’re in a big company, that has a lot of people. That means you end up in meetings, often, with people you’ve never met. At least one of the platforms on MeetingRoomSigns.biz has a feature that includes the staff photos and names of everyone booked for that meeting. So people get a Who’s Who as they walk in the door.

Clever stuff, and that’s just two examples.


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